How is a Brunate shoe created?



Stylists worldwide and internal modelists work closely together during the design phase. New lasts are designed, sketches are drawn and new materials, heels, soles and accessories are sought. Prototypes are made and tested. Only after lenghty testing can a model be submitted to production.



Leather cutting can be performed three ways: with a template by hand, with a puncher by hand or with help of the CAD technology and its computerized cutting machine. The careful selection of materials and the skill of employees are particularly important during this phase.



During this phase several parts are put together to form the uppper. For some models the upper consists of 50 individual parts. The most important steps during stitching are combining the leather parts, stitching of the lining, folding over the trim, smoothing of the materials and sewing by hand or machine.


Construction and Finish

Production on the assembly line continues once the upper has been completed. The upper is fastened to the sole, stretched onto the last and runs through an oven where the upper and binding materials are dried. The binding phase is prepared by buffing the leather at the edge of the upper and fastening the sole and heel. Maximum adhesion of the binding agent is guaranteed by using a press. Thereupon follows the finish phase during which the leather is ironed, treated with special cremes and cleaned of any production debris. The result is a pair of shoes HANDMADE IN ITALY!